Moshgelani Farid

Academic Project | In-Ear Audio Algorithms: Evaluation,Optimization, and Consolidation

Academic Degree | Post-doc | 2020-07 - 2022-08

Kiran Vadavalli

Academic Project | Design and Optimization of a New Bio-Inspired Microphone Technology

Academic Degree | Post-doc | 2021-01 - 2022-12

Meritas | International student award as a part of research work on Automotive wind noise project at Université de Sherbrooke, Awarded MITACS Grant for development of bio-inspired MEMS acoustic vector sensor

Biography | Dr. Kiran Vadavalli, is presently a post-doctoral researcher at ETS working on the Design, development and Optimization of a New Bio-Inspired Microphone Technology at ÉTS. Previously he earned his Doctorate (2019) in mechanical engineering with specialization in acoustics and vibration from GAUS lab, University of Sherbrooke, Canada. He has successfully executed several collaborative research projects at GAUS lab (2007-2018) on aerodynamics, aeroacoustics using CFD simulation of automotive wind noise and it's validation with aeroacoustics wind tunnel measurements at Purdue University, USA. He has also worked in automotive industry as NVH Project Engineer (2004-2007) at the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune, which is the India’s leading automotive R&D, testing and certification organization. Inaddition, he has worked in aerospace industry like Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) as Project Associate (2001-2004) to predict launch vehicle vibroacoustics using Statistical energy Analysis(SEA). His wide area of expertise covers passive noise control techniques, acoustical characterization of NVH materials, acoustic performance evaluation of exhaust mufflers, automotive aerodynamics simulations and vibro-acoustics using CAE simulations. He has actively contributed to the research field of noise and vibration with several publications in national and international conferences.

Léna Tallon

Academic Project | Mesure des performances électroacoustiques d'oreillettes numériques et segmentations d'enregistrements sonores intra-auriculaires.

Academic Degree | Stagiaire (international) | 2022-05 - 2022-08

Cretot-Richert Gabrielle

Academic Project | Mesure de l'attention par EEG intra-auriculaire

Academic Degree | Doctorat | 2016-09 - 2022-08

Meritas | - Scholarship from the Pierre Arbour foundation, 2018 et 2019 - Hydro-Quebec grant for renewable energy and sustainanble development 2018 - Erasmus Mundus Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience fellowship at the Neuropsychology Lab of Oldenburg University in Germany and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Oxford University, 2016-2017 - Travel fund scholarship from ETS, 2017 - Jury's recommendation for Master's project at École polytechnique de Montréal, 2015 - Best final year integrating project in biomedical engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal, 2012-2013 - Certificate for Outstanding Academic Achievement from McGill University - French Baccalaureate in Science awarded with the highest distinction

Biography | Always in search of new challenges, Gabrielle holds a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering and a Master's degree in technological project management, both from École polytechnique de Montréal. She started her academic career studying Physiology at McGill University and pivoted to engineering as she discovered a strong preference for applied sciences and problem solving. After her Master's, Gabrielle became project manager at Nüvü Caméras, a Montreal-based high-technology start-up, focused on the design and manufacturing of the most sensitive camera in the market. Having answered the needs of observatories around the world, Gabrielle was overseeing the company's new mission of diversifying into medical and space-mission applications. After 3 years at the company, Gabrielle decided to go back to academia at École de technologie supérieure to reconnect with her passion for biomedical engineering and start a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Jeremie Voix on his “bionic ear project” - an ambitious collaboration on multimodal bio-sensing using a device that centers in and around the ear. Her main points of interest for this project are electroencephalography, brain wave analysis, machine learning algorithms and mobile application development.

Michel Demuynck

Academic Project | Modeling of earpieces subjected to earcanal deformations with jaw-joint movement

Academic Degree | Doctorat | 2018-09 - 2022-12

Biography | Michel received a mechanical engineering degree from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM), France, and a biomedical M.Sc., specialized in biomechanics, from the Université Paris-Descartes, France, in 2018. Sensitized since a very young age by the fields of engineering and medicine, he has been able to combine both by being passionate about human biomechanics. His experiences in both industrial and academic research projects, as a R&D assistant engineer intern in the dental implant field, then with his master thesis focused on the rib cage modifications modeling, have enabled him to improve his skills particularly in numerical modeling, mechanical design and reverse engineering and develop his creative spirit and perseverance. Motivated by R&D and competitiveness, Michel has always wanted to take part in the race for innovation. Thus, he joined Jérémie Voix's team at CRITIAS industrial research chair at ÉTS to get involved in the "bionic ear" project. Currently a Ph.D. candidate in engineering, Michel's thesis focuses on modeling the earcanal deformations with jaw movements. LinkedIn:

Tigran Avetissian

Academic Project | Technologies intra-auriculaire : approches piézoélectriques pour l’autonomie énergétique.

Academic Degree | Doctorat | 2019-03 - 2022-02

Colombier Arthur

Academic Project | Modelization of instrumented earmuffs for fit-test and dosimetry applications: modeling and prototyping

Academic Degree | Doctorat | 2020-01 - 2023-04

Biography | From the beginning of his higher education, Arthur joined an engineering school, INSA Lyon (National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon) with the idea of entering the Mechanical Engineering department. Indeed, the latter offers its final year students the possibility of doing a double degree with the Master Acoustics of Lyon. Arthur's long-standing interest in the world of acoustics was then completely confirmed. He then did an internship at the INRS (National Institute for Research and Safety) in Nancy in a laboratory of acoustics at work, working on the subject of predicting the masked thresholds of hearing-impaired listeners. This internship allowed him to validate his mechanical engineering (speciality modelling and experimentation) and acoustics master degrees. He has thus acquired a taste for the world of research, and in particular for research on the auditory protection of workers. Continuing his career with a PhD seems to him to be a logical continuation of his training. Arthur thus came into contact with Jérémie Voix, professor at the École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) in Montreal, who quickly became his thesis director. The subject of his doctoral thesis was the modelization of instrumentated earmuffs for dosimetry and fit-testing applications. It will focus mainly on prototyping and modeling aspects.

Drees Elliot

Academic Project | Protection auditive pour musiciens : gestion de l’effet d’isolation

Academic Degree | Doctorat | 2020-04 - 2023-08

Solenn Ollivier

Academic Project | Développement d’un appareil auditif protecteur dédié à la recherche sur les problèmes liés aux travailleurs malentendants œuvrant en milieu de travail bruyant - Development of an intra-aural protective device for hearing impaired individuals working in noisy environments

Academic Degree | Doctorat | 2022-01 - 2025-08

Benesch Danielle

Academic Project | The Sensitive Ear: Real-time monitoring of in-ear physiological and audio signals

Academic Degree | Maîtrise | 2020-01 - 2022-04

Meritas | - Mitacs Globalink Graduate Fellowship (2020) - German Academic Exchange Service (2020-2021) - CIRMMT Online Conference Award to participate in AWC (2020) - CAA Student Presentation Award (2020) - NHCA Student Conference Award (2021) - CIRMMT Online Conference Award to participate in ASA (2021) - Tympan Open Source Audio Processing ASA Challenge (2021)

Biography | Danielle Benesch completed her bachelor's degree in cognitive science at Osnabrück University in 2019. In 2020, she started her research master's at École de technologie supérieure. During her master's, she has been working on the "Sensitive Ear" project under the supervision of Prof. Jérémie Voix and Dr. Rachel Bouserhal. Her research is centered around the development and evaluation of a wearable technology that removes distressing sounds in real-time, spanning the fields of audio processing, affective computing, and assistive technology design.

Xinyi Zhang

Academic Project | Modelling speech production for hearing-impaired talkers in various acoustic conditions

Academic Degree | Maîtrise | 2021-08 - 2023-04